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The main purpose of this site is to preserve the South African Indian Culture.

Proudly Indian was founded in December 2007,

by 3 brothers Josiah, Jeremiah and Jude Padayachee.


Josh Padayachee

Civil Engineer

Jeremiah Padayachee

I.T Educator

Jude Padayachee

Shipping Agency

This site is NOT a religious site but a site that celebrates Indian culture.

This is a community site, and most of the content is posted by “you” the user.

We love Indian culture, and promote good moral values.

It does not matter what race or religion you are, ANYONE can be apart of this site.

We are currently focusing on everyday Indian cuisine, all our cooking videos can be downloaded for FREE.

Proudly Indian has been featured, in the following media:


FOLLOWING the success of their website, www.proudlyindian.co.za, three brothers have launched a cookery DVD.

Jeremiah, Jude and Josiah Padayachee of Northdale launched the DVD in December last year. According to Jeremiah, the idea for the DVD came from the website’s success.

“Part of the website is cooking and baking,” he said, “most searches are for cooking.”

The boys realised just how much they appreciated Indian food when they were left to source it themselves.

“When my mum and dad were on holiday, we tried cooking,” Jeremiah said. “We had to keep phoning to find out what goes in next!”

Wanting to give their parents a peaceful break, the brothers turned to technology for help.

“We searched the net for how to cook curries,” Jeremiah explained. There they discovered a variety of Indian cooking styles.

“People in India cook very differently to Indians in South Africa,” said Jeremiah, “South African Indian cooking is unique.”

The trio took a hands-on approach in creating the DVD: Jude filmed the footage, Josiah worked on the layout and Jeremiah headed the marketing.

Working with family wasn’t difficult for the boys. “We get along well,” said Jude.

Jeremiah added the only problem was that “our mum kept answering the phone while we were filming”.

Jerusha Sukhdeo (Natal Witness)

Two Pietermaritzburg brothers eager to preserve the art of cooking authentic
Indian food have launched a step-by-step DVD guide.

HOT STUFF: Jude Padayachee (above) and his brother, Jeremiah, want to keep alive the art of Indian cooking

Real People, Real Curry is the brainchild of the Padayachee brothers, Jeremiah, 27, and Jude, 22.

Along with their eldest brother, Josiah, they are also the creators of the community forum website Proudly Indian.

The brothers were inspired to make the DVD about easy Indian cuisine after their parents went on holiday last year, leaving them to fend for themselves.

“When mom and dad were on holiday, we had to keep phoning them to find out how to cook curries,” said Jeremiah.

That, coupled with the number of hits in their site’s recipe section, prompted them to produceReal People, Real Curry.

The 45-minute DVD shows their parents, Morga and Balan, preparing their favourite curries with crab, fish, tripe, chicken and mutton.

“Each of the recipes is my parents’ version of the curry. They are the cooks in the DVD, so, yes, they enjoyed it and they love giving free DVDs to people that can’t cook curry,” said Jeremiah.

Since its release in December, the brothers have sold some 70 copies and have received requests from as far afield as Canada.

Jeremiah said the DVD was necessary to help young Indians preserve the South African Indian style of cooking.

“We searched the Internet for how to cook curries and found that people in India cook very differently from Indians in South Africa. We believe that fewer young Indians know how to cook traditional dishes like fish and crab curry.”

Pukka curries like mom and dad make them – Sunday Times – Santham Pillay