Inba asked Bala one day in Verulam, “Bala in your olden days you Never had
cell phones, e-mail, internet, fax and all, how did your’ll communicate?”
Bala replies: :Ja Inba, in uver days we did not have internet, fax,
telephone, e-mail, she-mail and all. We used pigeons.
Me and Peru should communicate with pigeons”. Confused Inba asks, “how did
you use pigeons Bala ?” “You see Inba”, responds Bala, “I should tie a
message to the pigeon’s leg and then I fly the pigeon to Peru’s house.
But one day I did not tie a message and when the pigeon came to Peru’s house
he see no message. Peru come here very angry and ask me what I think I’m
doing. I say Peru, I give you miss call”.