1) The Hindi kids Letter:
Dear Santha Dada: please organise me a seiko quartz watch for
christmas, i will be parking for the present, we did not by christmas tree beacause Kaki & Kaka are coming for christmas, therefore we had to save the money for food stamps.

2) The 9yr old Muslim kids Letter:
Dear Sante Claws, please send me a 16valve GTI, so i can drive to the
Esplande, in Durban and park by the Milky Lane, so all the other
babies can check it out, PS do not forget the subs for the system.

3) The 12yr old Coloured Indian (Coloured mom, indian dad)
Lewe Santa my cousin, my gazzie, what’s up, do not forget me this
christmas, two pairs white socks, warangler jeans & the a pair of mocks, PS, do not forget the 3 quartz, so i can be a good sumu-terian and share it with my two other bra’s.

4) The 6yr old Eas! t Indian (Chinese mom, Asian dad)
Dear Santa Claus, peas bring, for Ching Ling the rite ting, bing Kung
fu sticks, so baby become ninga, then baby fuco daddio cause me eat only curry and not star fry.

5) The 22 yr old Tamil indian (found notably in Chats, Phoenix Plaza)
Dearest Santa Clause, howzit, exsir i am tune-ing the ou-ens there is
no such thing as Santa, but u prove me wrong my swaar, organise me DSTV
without the sim card so i get free sports channel, save me the trouble of going to the 5’s.