• The truth is Chuck Norris’s real name is Chuckendran Norrisamy and
    he lives in Chatsworth in the “sixes”.
  • Chuck Norris was born on Diwali day and never stole a thing.
  • Chuck Norris invented the ‘bunnie chow’.
  • Chuck Norris not only knows Highway Sheila, but also dated
    all seven sisters at the same time!
  • Chuck Norris is the reason we pour for the dead
  • Chuck Norris doesn’t need to ask “you know me?” in a speech
    cos everybody knows chuck norris
  • Chuck Norris owns a small farm, he calls it Verulam
  • Chuck Norris votes for the Raj (and has been doing so for many
  • Chuck Norris schooled at Sastri College and went to ML Sultan
  • They say the reason they call it Rajput Hall is because Raj put
    the hall there. Wrong, it was Norris who actually Chucked it there.
  • Chuck Norris’s mother is fowl aunty.
  • Chuck Norris can make five quarter loaf bunnies out of one loaf of
  • Chuck Norris once ate a bowl of jamaal … it made him fart … once.
  • Chuck Norris once round-house kicked Durban so hard, it split into
    Chatsworth and Phoenix.
  • Chuck Norris gave the charous the Haccent.
  • Chuck Norris was the first ou to pour a dop in Lugs.
  • Chuck Norris can eat dhall and rice with a fork.
  • Chuck Norris invented the game Thunee.
  • Chuck Norris can eat titha mutton curry, and still drink hot tea after.
  • Chuck does the 9 Saturday bad luck prayers in 6 weeks.
  • Chuck doesnt carry kavady, kavady carries Chuck!
  • Chuck Norris invented masala.
  • Chuck Norris’s nose does not run after eating crab curry Chuck Norris laughed at the ending of Kal Ho Naa Ho
  • Chuck Norris invented AMLA HOIL.
  • Chuck Norris was the one that filmed “Narandas and the MEC … in
    the Elangeni or somewhere.”
  • Chuck Norris wrote Ramesh Hassan’s hit Nah ne poiter vareh
  • Chuck Norris can still see after you rub chilli powder in his eyes.
  • Chuck Norris can do fire walking with his HANDS.
  • Chuck Norris once sang ” he ganga Maya ” while he single
    handedly squashed two tomatoes, Hence Chutney music.
  • Chuck Norris taught the roti ous to make roti, and the porridge
    ous to make porridge.
  • Chuck Norris taught the slum ous to go 50% off.
  • A samoosa was square in shape before Chuck Norris round-house
    kicked the $h!t out of it.
  • Chuck Norris doesn’t fast on Mondays or Tuesday.