Dear Pushpavani

how u, never hear from you sooo long. I was keep on telling Kalay I wanna write you bt this husban of mine giving me so much worries man he donno he’s getting old now, I heard he’s flooking all the young young girls this side, hey I donno what he’s dwing like this Pushpa, he’s taking all my money and pushing in they mouth.

You no my sugar and everything went way so high the other day I actually thought, thava this is the end for me., I kan take his nonsense. And as for Bobby you no that son of mine instead of gweing for the young girls he got one married thing from this side ayo Pushpa she look like she’s his mother, and she wear short short mini skirt and stretch her legs and sit, I jus feel like therivieng her thighs, so much stretch marks and all on her legs but she wanna act like one young girl. you no this father n son they just finish me and leave me. they rather put me in the homes I think I’ll be better.

Even Rani, I sent her to school and everything, gave so nice ejucation, ever since she moved to Joberg and started work she never give 1 cent for me ay, I suffered and gave birth to her but all that they don’t worry about, she even got one white man that’s side ayo you mus hear how she twang twang and talk, kan even recinize my children anymore.

So wen you coming home, how look now, you still so fat like that or you lost little bit weight. I saw this thing on TV for losing wait. I’ll get the name and send you please call, then you phone and I’ll tell you, but if I give you 1 miss call u must no I never get it right.

Ok I’m gweing now I got the doll on the stove oh I made dry fish chutney and meali rice the other day we all was talking about you, how we should eat together. Sooo nice ay.

Ok then I must put fine comb in my hair too the way it’s itching I donno whether I got lice or what, but you must write when you got time.

Ok bye