If you look dark, you use Snowhite cream to become fur

Saturday lunch – live fowl curry with doubla

Go uninvited to wedding jol – free chow

Open windows in car because you don’t have hair-con.

Suffer suffer and stay in car to avoid hair being blown away.

Wear sunglasses at night, Tell people you have ‘night glasses’

Use Vaseline with Vicks as a lip balm

Wash dog with green sunlight soap

Make tea cold with 2 cups. Pour into saucer and then drink from saucer

When you have cold, make ginger milk

Wear bright saris & chains (sovereigns) to weddings to get lot attention

When beggar come for food – you make him clean whole yard first

When passing stekkies posie, Plays remix of KUCH KUCH HOTAHAI. (Some windows must vibrate)

Men to consider marrying:
P.Singh – weak bladder
Dan Singh – good with feet
Balan Singh – good with control

Dry mangoes in sun to make pickle

Take castor oil when you have stomach problems

When you go to the beach, you swim in saries, skirts, and pedal pushers & T-shirts

Put all birthday cards, trophies and certificates in cabinet at entrance of house, people will think you so clever.

Get Muslim cook to cook for weddings etc. what’s wrong – other people
can’t cook?

Use old clothes on bathroom floor

Save old cotton panties & briefs to dust furniture