Raj Singh is rushing back angrily to grocery shop from where he is purchasing a packet of butter a few minutes ago. “Where is my free gift?”
he yells to the shopkeeper. “But Sir, there is no free gift on purchase of butter.” the shopkeeper politely answers. “Don’t be fooling me,”
Raj replies, “it is clearly written on the packet of the butter “Cholesterol free!”.

One day Mr Naidoo is at home, going into kitchen, opening the sugar bottle, peeping inside and closing it. ……….His wife sees this. After some time. Mr Naidoo goes into the kitchen again, and opens the sugar bottle,is peeping inside and closes it……. His wife again is seeing this.Mr Naidoo, again and again, does same thing. His wife is puzzled by why he would do something like this. So, she is asks: ‘Why you are opening sugar bottle, peeping inside and Closing it often?’ Mr Naidoo says to her, ‘I am Sugar Patient, you know……….. Our doctor is advising me to be checking sugar often’.

Sardarji asks :- ‘Nurse, I am very eager to know my blood group’.
Nurse answers :- “B Positive” Sardarji is confused :- ‘Please to tell me soon’…. Nurse says:- “B Positive” Sardarji replies :- Madam, I AM positive, but still I am also eager to know my blood group .

Moodley :- I was born in the Punjab .
Pillay :- Oh really, which part?
Moodley :- All of me, you silly !!.

Jugnu Singh gets up in the middle of night to answer the telephone. “Is this one one one one?”, says the voice. “No,” Jugnu says, “this is eleven eleven.” “Are you sure this isn’t one one one one?” “No, this is eleven eleven.” “Well, wrong number. I am Harpal calling, sorry to be waking you in middle of the night.” “That’s all right, mister,” Jugnu assures him I had to get up anyway, to answer telephone.”

Govender, with two red ears, goes to see the doctor. Doctor asks him “What is happening to your ears?” Govender answers, “I am ironing shirt.
phone is ringing I am picking up iron and sticking it in my ear.”
“Oh deary me!” doctor exclaims in disbelief. “But…what is happening to other ear?”
Govender replys :- “I am holding paining ear; when that Same supid fellow is calling back.”

Q: Why is Bala taking pair of binoculars with him to a funeral?
A: It is distant relative’s funeral