The action, the thrill & The Humor

Lights, action, camera. Welcome to BliNG Media. These are the words used by rapper Deepak ‘Dpac’ Panday to describe his big screen debut, “Mob Mansion”.

Based on the crime-comedy script written by Panday, the story line reveals a top underworld mob chief, Marlon Brando who is hiding behind the pretences of being an estate agent buying and selling mansions. On one single day his paid multiple visits by other characters who snoop around his mansion in an attempt to unveil the speculations around Brando being a gangster.

Shot in high definition with state of the art equipment and directed and produced by students of D.U.T College the film is said to be of top picture and sound quality.

Bling Media 2011 is a production company introduced and aimed at facilitating the growing talent in actors, actresses, script writers, musicians, dancers and so forth. Backed by leading political and business identities in Durban, BliNG Media Boss, Deepak Panday tells of his experience on set playing the lead as an aspiring new actor.

“I have been on movie sets both nationally and internationally due to my work as a script writer/Rap musician and became curious to try out my acting skills. The opportunity arose when student film producers Sumeeth Maharaj and Dinishka Ministry both decided to shoot the movie based on my script called Mob Mansion. I was offered the role and took it with arms open wide. Away from set I just let myself go and really connected with the part as Marlon Brando. This high rank mafia boss, who controls Durban’s underworld organized crime, finds himself in the centre of a three cornered turf war, involving the infamous Skollies Gang from Capetown and the Supreme White Ducktail Gang from Johannesburg over a lucrative arms deal Brando secured from the Indian Mafia. In the mist of the gang tension the Scorpion Vice Squad obtained a warrant to search his mansion in the Umlhanga area. Det. Mash Pitts the lead investigator can be seen as mushy brain Sherlock Holmes type. He and his team enters the mansion and begin their investigation while Brando is on his way from the airport. During this time Brando’s bodacious mistress (Crystal Rymes) a struggling singer comes along to the house. She is upset and distraught. Detective Pitts is immediately seduced by her wicked sex appeal. But while she is being interrogated if that’s what you would call their hilarious, seductive interview, Brando’s wife a Bollywood superstar (Pritty Maitor)who also shares a young daughter with him arrives with her parents to confirm their divorce settlement. Brando has his suspicions of her having an affair with her co-star Sanjay Dutt and so he hires Cheaters to tail her. He arrives home to discover his house is being surveyed by police and his mistress was also present. Trying hard to mislay everyone without getting caught out; he guides his unexpected guests to different sections in the mansion praying for them not to see each other. They find mysterious drugs and a semi dead man’s body. While contending with the inside pressure the Scollies Gang decided to do a drive-by on Marlon Brando mansion. Pity their gunmen were highly intoxicated and shot the wrong house which belonged to safety & security minister Bheki Cele. The repercussions of their action were too funny to mention.

However the whole objective of the screen debut is to follow the character Marlon Brando in his escapade to evade the law, calm his family friction and confuse his enemies who want him dead by any means. Does he achieve his goal in doing the multi billion rand arms deal with The Indian Mafia (Ebrahim Dawood) and gets away with the cash or does he get caught in his triumph as Durban’s top gangster and sentenced to life in prison? That question can only be answered after you’ve watched the ground breaking movie Mob Mansion.” Panday reliquished.

The movie is set for the big screen, in early 2012 also features new faces in the industry, Justin ‘Homeboy’ ,Lisa Govender, Larry ‘King’ Maharaj, Orin Singh and Pratish Singh who all made up the cast for the BliNG Media’s debut production release. Soundtrack is courtesy of Chaarlife Entertainment which features up and coming rapper, Hussain ‘Huzzi’ Omarsaib and singer Michelle Pillay.

Aside from their first project the BliNG Team reconnects in doing a music video on Dpac’s best selling track ‘Gangster Life’ and a documentary titled the Kings of Durban. Based on the soon to be published novel by Deepak Panday the Kings of Durban documentary is best described as a journey back in time for all South African Indians.

“We have a number of projects ahead of us, special thanks to a few who stood behind me and the BliNG crew, Mr A.Rajbunsi for his loyal support and to Mr Omie Singh for his advice and government alliance together with bestselling author Mr Aziz Hassim and to Mr. B.P Singh from the education board and chair of my book club Penwise, here is a big thank you. Also to the underground members from town, Rolo and Bones from the T.D.K the SouthSide crew for allowing us exclusive footage of the notorious High Shaparal, to the Phoenix S.A.P for their assistance, to Mr Mungaroo from K.Z.T Transport for constant motivation and to Prem Balram from R.U.S.A, many many thank yours” Deepak heart fully thanked.

The Bling media group will also be visiting schools promoting their movie, running competitions in the search for new talent, if you think your school has the talent to step up then you can contact Deepak Panday on facebook or email CellNo: 084 403 0386