Gotta love …

Little Jaidan comes from school one day. He puts down his bag in the

kitchen where his mom is busy dishing out some curry for him. He

presses the spoon in the curry looking quite depressed. He asks his

Mom, “Mummy, am I an Indian like you or am I a coloured like dad?”

Neesha thinks that this is a question for her husband and tell Jaidan

to ask his dad when he arrives home after work.

Just after the Bold & The Beautiful, Derick arrives in his BMW. Jaidan

ran to his dad and jumps on his lap as his dad sat in the couch. “Dad

am I an Indian like Mom or a coloured like you?” “It does not matter

if you are couloured or Indian. You are our child! Now why are you

asking a question like that?”

“I MUST know Dad. The neighbor wants to sell his bicycle for R200 and

I don’t know should I bargain with him to bring down the price to

R100, or should I just wait till its dark and go steal the bike..